At Brooklyness we understand that city traffic is one of the leading causes of the climate crisis.  

Our mission is to re-design how people and goods move in the city in a way that is safe, enjoyable, and in harmony with our environment.

In 2017 Americans made 147 billion car trips that were shorter than 5 miles.  We believe that small electric vehicles are a much more sensible option for short trips.  


We are creating these new small electric vehicles and re-imagining a business model that makes sense for consumers and our planet.

We are creative people determined to help. 



Our values reflect who we are, what brings us joy and purpose to our lives.  


DESIGN: Be Creative / Stylish / Functional

We believe design is a powerful tool to solve big problems and create economic value.

We are user-driven, we listen, we observe, and we apply critical design thinking to solve everyday challenges. 

Well designed products enhance the quality of life; they are easy to care for and are more likely to have a long useful life. 

We aim to build those products.

HELPFULNESS: Be Helpful / Empathetic / Respectful

Being helpful creates value in meaningful ways and sends a wave of positive energy into the universe. 

A helpful experience makes people feel significant and respected. 

Helpfulness touches the human heart and earns the trust, loyalty, respect, and awareness of our customers.


 We look at our working principles to guide us in how we relate to each other within the organization, and they extend to our customers, suppliers, partners, etc.



Being humble is the best predisposition to learn and teach.  A humble mindset allows for taking and openly receiving feedback, always thinking positively, and in the best interest of the group.  A healthy dose of humility brings self-awareness and compassion.  Humility, always lets you put the overall good of the team first.



Straightforwardness in words and messages. clear, honest communication is crucial for personal and corporate growth.  Using frank, respectful language clarifies and focuses any communication.  Directness is a virtue.



Optimists believe that people and events are inherently good, and things will work out in the end.  A positive attitude will always get positive results.  Problems are opportunities.



An eagerness or strong desire to achieve and improve on past accomplishments.  Ambition is about self-growth, self-development, self-expression, and self-improvement.  Ambition provides motivation, energy, and willingness to pursue goals.  Without it, nothing will be accomplished.



Be accountable for a job well done.  Each individual is the most qualified person to oversee their own performance.  Success is tied to a sense of responsibility for things within your control.


We invented the word Brooklyness to represent a feeling, a state of mind, that would celebrate all the beautiful things cities have: architecture, street art, music in the park, the cafes, and more importantly, their people.  


Listen to Manuel Saez, our CEO, describe why we do this.

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